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Free Mobile Bill Analysis
We are offering a free, no obligation service to businesses who want to check they’re on the correct mobile tariff in terms of their usage habits and spend.

Fact :-85% of business we have audited were found to be on the wrong tariff.

We use an independently managed market analysis tool to evaluate you current usage and determine which network and tariff works best for you.

Recent phone bills are used to run the analysis and comparison of tariffs from O2, EE and Vodafone. From this you will receive a breakdown of which tariffs would give you the biggest saving.

What are the benefits?

- Free insight into how employees use their phones
- Provides a summary of total charges broken down by month and year.
- Breakdown of current calls and charges in percentage format.
- Breakdown of calls split by destination and time
- Top 10 mobile and landlines called
- Breakdown of usage by mobile user plus we will show you any inactive users.
- Comparison of your current contract with alternative networks and the percentage of savings available compared to your current deal.
- Advice on which bolt-ons / network is best per mobile user.

At Luna Communications we are uniquely placed to ensure that the advice you receive is truly in your business’ best interests.

Of the 85% of businesses that were on the wrong tariff, we saved them 25% on average against current spend.

For more details contact Luna Communications
Categories: Business Advice, Business Services, Telecommunications, Telephones
Locations: Bradford, East Riding of Yorkshire, Leeds, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, York
Posted: 12:24 on Fri, 14th Aug, 2015

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