The Private Plate Company




The Private Plate Company

St Davids Park
Port Talbot
South Glamorgan
SA13 2PA
United Kingdom

Tel: 01639 888833

Mob: 07967 793 763

The Private Plate Company

We are pleased to make available the largest selection of personal number plates and DVLA number plates in the UK. Select your private car number plate now from our huge selections of personal stock, customer commissions and ex DVLA registrations. A large proportion of DVLA select Registrations can be transferred within 10 working days, although cherished plates may take a little longer due to the nature of the paperwork involved and DVLA inspections that now take place on all vehicles over 15 years old. All vehicles over 15 years old, now require an inspection to safeguard the buyer. Naturally these car registration numbers will take a little longer to complete.

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