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Ready Made Curtains - Oxford Homeware

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Ready Made Curtains - Oxford Homeware

Elevate every d├ęcor instantly with the opulent touch of these panels. These would definitely add grandeur and flair to windows with a metallic pattern on a dark slate grey textured backdrop.
The curtains, simply elegant with a subtle shimmering texture, add a seductive touch to any room. This remarkable panel is sewn professionally. Both sides and bottom hems have blind stitching, which gives a custom-made look to this ready-made panel. To offer better light block and fabric safety, it is fully lined. A medium weight is a high-quality fabric.
With this set of beach theme curtains, have some fun decorating your house. The palm motif evokes a sense of peace and encourages contemplation and is suitable for a cottage, a retreat room, or a nature theme room. These curtains are expertly crafted in a sewing studio by talented seamstresses from start to finish. Enjoy the exquisite details of custom drapery in a ready-made format.

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