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Project Multi Pest

At Project Multi Pest in Kent, we prefer to steer clear of harmful poisons and toxins that can cause unnecessary suffering and damage to the environment. Wishing to make a difference, we poured our knowledge into seeking an innovative and sustainable solution to common pest problems around Kent and Greater London places. Whatever pest issue is tearing your world apart, we are here to help. While many pest services are all about chemical extermination – we like to take a various approach, one that is healthy, humane, and in-keeping with the theme of nature. We offer 24 hour pest control services in Kent, depending upon your location and technician availability. We aim to respond quickly and efficiently to all enquiries. We prefer to steer clear of harmful poisons that can cause unnecessary damage to the environment. We use natural pest control methods such as falconry and dogs to control pests. Our pest control services are effective and reliable. Check out at our reviews on Checkatrade and Google for evidence of our work or contact us for free no obligation advice. For centuries, the finesse of falcons and the darting energy of dogs have been used in pest prevention and we thought it was time to bring it back in fashion. By using a blend of extremely certified technicians and trained animals to flush out your pest problems, we get swift, effective and natural results without the side effects. To request a pest control quote in Kent please check out our website or call for advice.

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