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Fire Up Design

12b Arterberry Road
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Fire Up Design

We are a young, dynamic creative design agency specialising in web creation, website copy and graphic design services. We are a brother-sister team, based in London and Cape Town, each with years of experience in our respective industries. (Ian does the pictures and Leaine does the words). With our complementing skills we decided to combine forces and know-how to create a concept that incorporates everything website-related under one roof. Life has a funny way of coming full circle and that's exactly what has happened with us. We were born in Joburg, South Africa. Ian studied Graphic Design and Multi Media and Leaine studied Copywriting and Marketing. Ian moved to London and Leaine moved to Cape Town. We both went on crazy adventures, career-wise, learning so much along the way. And here we are, realising that nothing beats a brother-sister bond, we get each other, and because of that we're the best team to give you what you want. Giving your business a web space to shine has never been so easy! And we've got something else too. A secret weapon. We've got Dev Pixel! Our little mascot, developing genie and support tool. Plus an amazing, supportive team of like-minded individuals

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